Give people instant VIP pricing on any car in your inventory and generate serious buyer leads in 30 seconds!

Nowadays consumers are looking for instant information about the car they are interested in. And the first thing they want to know - what is the best price?

Most buyers do not want to submit a form and wait a day or two for someone to call them back and pressure them to come to the dealership.

With InstaQuotes™ Service consumers can click a button on dealer's inventory website, enter mobile phone number and receive VIP price quote that is lower than Internet price.

Within 30 seconds, real time inventory is looked up and VIP price for the selected car is sent to the consumer via SMS along with additional information about the car, directions to the dealership and an option to setup a test drive with a tap of a button on their cell phone.

InstaQuotes™ Service will also capture potential buyers who are browsing your car lot by allowing them to Text Stock # of the car they are looking at and immediately receive VIP price quote that is never published on the car's windows sticker.

Consumer's name and phone number will be automatically captured and posted to Call Tracking Portal.

Designated managers and sales people are immediately alerted when a Price Quote is sent to the consumer.


InstaQuotes™ Service is extremely effective to generate quality sales leads from people who are ready to buy and need instant information.

InstaQuotes™ is seemlesly integrated with Call Tracking Platform and allows Sales People to communicate with customers in real time via SMS or phone.

Below is an actual SMS conversation between a Customer who requested Instant Price Quote and a Sales Manager


1/22/2016 @ 8:25:30 a.m. From: InstaQuotes™

Price Quote with an option to schedule a test drive is sent

2015 Nissan Sentra
4dr Sdn I4 CVT SR
Ext. Color: Super Black
Int. Color: Charcoal
Mileage: 1
VIP Price: $16,905
Expires: 1/27/2016

You will receive an additional $200 Discount or $500 additional Trade In Value.
Schedule a Test Drive and show us this Text Msg


1/22/2016 @ 8:27 a.m. From: Sales Manager

Sales Manager gets alerted and sends Customer a text message inviting her for a test drive

"Good morning, Stacy. You just asked about a 2015 Sentra of mine on our website.
I can set you up with an appointment to come see the vehicle. Would today or tomorrow be better for you?"


1/22/2016 @ 8:29 a.m. From: Sales Manager

Sales Manager confirms 10:00 a.m. appointment

"Perfect, Stacy. I'll pencil you into my 10 AM slot for that VIP appointment, and we look forward to seeing you."

Within a few minutes a serious Sales Lead was generated, appointment scheduled and the next day the car was sold. Without a single dime spent on advertising!

Without Instant Price Quote, Consumer would have to wait a day or more for someone to call her back and most likely would go to a closer dealership who responded faster and would not drive 70 miles.

Every Dealer has a website, every car on every dealer's website should have a "Get an Instant Price Quote" Button and they will get thousands of extra leads from consumers who want instant info and are ready to buy.

Nowadays people want instant info - dealers who have the technology to respond instantly will get the most business.

For a Demo Price Quote please Text 12345 to 469-480-4300