"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is - I don't know which half."

John Wanamaker - "Pioneer in Marketing"

When John Wanamaker said those famous words 100 years ago, there was no technology to measure the effectiveness of the advertising.

Nowadays, considering the cost of any type of advertising, utilizing Call Tracking Technology is a must for any type of business.

PhoneCallTrack™ is a State of The Art Call Tracking, Call Recording and Call Analytics Platform specifically designed to help businesses to measure effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

With PhoneCallTrack™ you can see at a glance where all your calls are coming from, call volume distribution by time of the day, day of the week or day of the month as well as how many calls have been answered and how many calls have been missed.

PhoneCallTrack™ will record every inbound and outbound call, will search for custom keywords in the conversation and will mark calls containing those keywords as important, so you don't have to waste time listening to every phone call.
Many calls are being missed because your sales staff could not take the call or the call came in after hours and caller did not leave a message. PhoneCallTrack™ will log all those calls and send you an instant email alert on missed calls, so you can follow up while the lead is hot.
PhoneCallTrack™ automatically captures every phone number and caller's name (callers can't block Caller ID)
You can obtain additional publicly available information about the Caller with a click of a button.
PhoneCallTrack™ is the only Platform with a built-in CRM to manage your clients, schedule appointments and send reminders via email or text messaging.
Customers are automatically added and updated with each new call, giving sales people and managers a list of all active customers, their personal information and all their inbound / outbound call history, appointments history and sales history.
Outbound calls made by your sales people are as much important as the inbound calls coming into your business.
Recording outbound sales calls allows you to monitor, coach and improve sales people phone skills and keep a record of every phone conversation that is being made by your employees.
Watch in real time how your sales people make outbound phone calls. If they request an appointment, you'll see it immediately in the Calls Grid without spending time listening to each conversation.
Encourage competition between your Sales People by showing them a real time score board of who is making the most phone calls at any given moment.
If you are not using Vanity or easy to remember phone numbers, you are losing many potential clients who can't remember your phone number.
Don't settle for random phone numbers your Call Tracking provider assigns you.
PhoneCallTrack™ has a built-in search engine to find and instantly order easy to remember local and toll-free numbers ending with 00 or 000 or spelling words pertinent to your business out of the largest inventory of local and toll-free phone numbers.
More and more people prefer to use Text Messaging instead of calling.
PhonecallTrack™ has an integrated Inbound / Outbound Text Messaging that allows customers and Sales People to have a real time conversation via Text.
Each Tracking Phone Number is Text enabled allowing customers to send a Text to ANY published phone number.
SMS Conversation is automatically saved in Customer's history.
Sales People can send reminders or promotions with customizable SMS Templates with a click of a button.
Built-in intelligent SMS Blocker analyzes free-form requests to opt out and automatically blocks future attempts to send Texts.
Dynamic Call Tracking is a proven method of determining return on investment for search marketing.
To make it work, we'll give you a small code snippet that is placed on each web page you want to track.
PhoneCallTrack™ will display a different phone number or a different extension to determine how your website visitors found you.

PhoneCallTrack™ was designed utilizing the latest Telephony and Web Technologies. Extensive Functionality, Ease of Use, Data Processing Speed and features not available anywhere else - this is what sets PhoneCallTrack™ Platform apart from the competition.

Features Comparison of PhoneCallTrack™ vs. #1 Rated Call Tracking Provider

Feature PhoneCallTrack™ #1 Rated CT Provider
Inbound Call Tracking with Call Recording Yes Yes
Outbound Call Tracking with Call Recording Yes Yes
Integration with 3rd party CRMs Yes Yes
Missed Calls Email Alerts Yes Yes
Play Disclaimer to Callers (English / Spanish) Yes Yes
Whisper Advertising Source to Agent Yes Yes
Sales Agents Performance Comparison
Yes Yes
Identify Agent with a 4 digit Phone Code (Inbound Calling) Yes Yes
Identify Agent with a 4 digit Phone Code (Outbound Calling) Yes Yes
Identify Agent automatically based on registered phone number Yes No
Confirm Agent's Name with Text To Speech Yes No
Make Instant Outbound Calls using Click2Call by clicking on any phone number Yes No
Click2Call to Agent's cell phone or direct work phone
Yes No
Click2Call to Agent's work extension Yes No
Click2Call to a shared Office Phone Yes No
Built-in SMS Platform Yes No
Click2Text - instantly reply to Customers's Text messages
Yes No
Built-in Intelligent SMS Opt-out capability Yes No
SMS Instant Price Quotes from website inventory Yes No
SMS Instant Price Quotes from car lot inventory Yes No
Watch inbound / outbound calls in progress
Yes No - can take 5-10 minutes for calls to show up
Automatically refresh new calls at scheduled intervals Yes No
Color Coded Call Statuses, Call Results, Icons
Yes No
Display all possible Call Results:
Answered Normal, Answered Short, Busy, No Answer, Dropped
Yes Only Answered / No Answer is detected
Calls displayed per page 50 10
Wait Time to display next page of calls 0.5 seconds 11 seconds
Wait Time to scroll through 500 recent calls 5 seconds 550 seconds (9.2 minutes)
Wait Time to play recording 0.05 seconds 6 seconds
Simultaneously view multiple reports / modules
Yes No - need to close one to open another
Instantly switch between all your accounts (stores)
Yes No - requires to logout and re-login
Lookup and Append Caller Name to 100% of calls Yes Very Limited
Lookup and Append Public Information about Callers Yes No
Conversation Analyzer - custom words are automatically detected in the recordings
Jump to found words or phrases without listening to the entire recording
Yes No
Built-in CRM Functionality
Yes No
Schedule Appointments between Customers and Sales Agents
Yes No
Send multiple Appointments Reminders via email and SMS to Customers and Sales Agents Yes No
Search for Custom Local and Toll-Free Numbers
Yes Have to pick from a list of random numbers
Premium Toll-Free Vanity Numbers Yes No
Direct SIP Routing to eliminate VOIP charges Yes No
Flexible Grids of Calls, Customers, Sales People, Phone Numbers
Show, hide, adjust and rearrange columns with drag and drop to fit your screen
Yes No
Powerful Search and Data Filtering for every field as well as Global Search capability Yes Limited
True White Label Customization
Custom Domain, Login Screen, Logos, Email Headers, Email Servers
Yes No