To run a successful business, measure the effectiveness of your advertising and service your customers you need:

Call Tracking + SMS Messaging + Great Phone Numbers + CRM

Until now you had to order those services from multiple providers
dealing with different platforms which was cumbersome, expensive and time consuming

PhoneCallTrack™ is a synergy of those essential services combined in a State of The Art Platform

Putting You a Step Ahead of the Competition!

PhoneCallTrack™ Advanced Features


SMS Tracking and Conversation Platform

Vast majority of younger demographic prefers to use Text Messaging and Sales People can instantly reply to customer's Texts directly from the Platform. Each Tracking Phone Number is Text enabled allowing customers to send a Text to ANY published phone number. SMS Conversation is automatically saved in Customer's history. Send reminders or promotions with customizable SMS Templates with a click of a button. Built-in intelligent SMS Blocker analyzes free-form requests to opt out and automatically blocks future attempts to send Texts.


Instant Price Quotes via SMS from Dealer Websites and Car Lots

Send Instant VIP Price Quotes on every car in inventory via SMS and generate quality sales leads from serious buyers who are ready to buy today. Without spending a dime on advertising!


Recorded Conversations Analyzer

Voice Recognition Technology analyzes conversation for important keywords e.g. "Appointment", "Want to buy", etc., marks calls when keywords are found and allows to jump to found keyword without listening to the entire conversation.


Caller's Name Append / Public Info Lookup

100% of calls are being appended with Caller ID Name (in addition to Caller's Phone Number). Callers can't block their Caller ID. Additional Public Info about the Caller can be looked up and appended to Caller's record.


CRM Integration

Built-in full featured CRM to manage customers is integrated into PhoneCallTrack™ Platform.
Integration with 3rd party CRMs is available as well.


Appointments Scheduler / Reminder

Schedule Appointments with a click of a button and send reminders via email or text message to the Customer and Sales Person to minimize no-shows. Notes and directions to your business are automatically attached to reminders.


Vanity Phone Numbers Search and Provisioning

Find perfect toll-free or local vanity numbers that spell words pertinent to your business or find phone numbers ending with 00 or 000 from an inventory of over 3.5 million phone numbers.


Sales People Performance Measurement

Monitor and compare performance of Sales People in 4 categories (inbound calls, outbound calls, appointments, sales) in one store and across your entire organization. Promotes competition and increases Sales People productivity.


Outbound Tracking with Click2Call

Call Customers with a click of a button instead of manually dialing Access Number, Phone Code, Destination Number .
Increases Sales People productivity 3x times.


Real Time Call Monitoring

Watch inbound / outbound calls as they happen in real time with Auto Refresh.
PhoneCallTrack™ is the only Call Tracking Platform allowing you to see call activity in real time.


FREE Calls with SIP Routing

If you have a VOIP Phone System, PhoneCallTrack™ can bypass Public Network and call your phones directly for FREE, potentially saving your business thousands of dollars on your VOIP bill.


Shared Office Phones

Many Businesses have more Sales People than available desk phones. PhoneCallTrack™ solves this problem by creating a pool of shared Office Phones. Sales People select the phone they are using from a menu and click Dial for an instant connection.


Old Numbers Announcement / Redirect

Don't get stuck with another Call Tracking provider because your numbers are still in use. PhoneCallTrack™ will announce your new number or re-direct to your new number when people call the old number, so no calls will be lost.


White Label Customization and Branding for Ad Agencies

True White Label customization is available for Ad Agencies, Marketing Firms and Service Providers.
Custom domain name, login background, logo, reports, email headers and email server.


Over the years we developed many Interactive Voice Response, Lead Generation and Lead Capture Services
that can be combined with PhoneCallTrack™


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